Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mini Soy Salad Rolls (makes 18 rolls)

The idea and inspiration for making these mini rolls came from eating at Sensei Seafood Restaurant & Sushi Bar in Kihei (Maui).  When I eat food I often take a mental note of what ingredients were used to create the meal, how it was prepared, tasted, and presented. When I came across the soy wrappers at my local Asian market I was happy to give them a try.  This is my first time using them so I have a few ideas of how I would improve them for next time. If you are making this it is best to use drier ingredients such as shredded papaya, avocado, cucumber, or mixed greens and place them closer to the wrapper.  The wetter ingredients such as crab meat and tomato should be placed in the center of the roll.  My best cooking tip is never be afraid to experiment.

Mini Salad Rolls


1 roma tomato, diced, seeded and drained
1 avocado, half sliced and half diced
1/2 small cucumber, cut into match stick size
1 three-inch piece of papaya, cut into match stick size
2 C shredded papaya
about 1 C tightly packed of fresh picked crab meat
Herbs (Thai basil, shiso, mint,Vietnamese cilantro)
5 sheets of assorted soy wrappers (cut in various sizes 1 1/2 inch to 2 inches length)
1 T cooked rice (to seal the wraps)
Chili-honey dipping sauce (recipe to follow)


1) Use a combination of the first 5 ingredients to put in each wrapper, try to keep the drier ingredients next to the wrapper to prevent the wrapper getting soggy.
2) Gently roll each wrapper tightly.
3) Seal the end of wrapper with a little cooked rice, keep the seam side down until well sealed before putting onto a plate.
4) Serve the pieces on a small plate with the dipping sauce.

Examples of combo are:
1) shredded papaya, herb, and crab, garnish with roasted peanuts
2) crab and avocado
3) crab, avocado, and herb
4) cucumber, avocado, crab, and herb
5) use your imagination, be creative and please share your ideas!

Chili-Honey Dipping Sauce


1 t or more of chili garlic sauce (Huy Fong Food brand)
4 T nước chấm (please see Vietnamese Dipping Sauce post)
1 t honey


Mix all 3 ingredients until well blended.

prepared ingredients ready to roll
another way to present your dish

*I used the ingredients listed above since I have them available in my house.  The tomato and herbs come from my garden.  You can use other ingredients in your wrappers such as smoked salmon, sea urchin, caviar, lobster, shrimp, tuna tartar, other types of herbs, micro greens, edible flowers, or just about anything! You can buy the soy wrappers in some Asian grocery store or on-line.  These mini rolls are fun to create and eat!

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