Thursday, September 13, 2012

Durian Crème Brûlée (makes 12 ramekins)

Mei Sum makes one of the best Vietnamese sandwiches in Boston Chinatown, my husband and  I frequently drop in  for sandwiches.  Recently we learned that the shop also sells bags of prepared durian.  The Chinese women who work there also speak Vietnamese, and told me that the durian is very good.  Yes, all good sales people say this but it's really true!  Their durian is excellent!  I bought two 
1-lb bags to try.  I decided to make durian crème brûlée and the result is creamy and fabulous!  If you like durian then you will surely enjoy eating these.  I don't think you will find this serving in any restaurant!

Durian Crème Brûlée (makes 12 ramekins) 


1 quart of heavy cream
9 large egg yolks
6 Tbsp white sugar
6 oz durian fruit
3 Tbsp turbinado sugar (raw sugar)
4 C water


1) In a medium metal or glass bowl, whisk egg yolks and white sugar lightly together, set aside.
2) Heat the cream in a medium pot over medium high heat until just boiling, turn heat down to a simmer, stir occasionally for 5 minutes.
3) Preheat the oven to bake at 325 degrees F.
4) Boil a small kettle with water (for the water bath).
5) Temper the cream one ladle at a time to the bowl with egg yolks and sugar while constantly whisking the contents.
6) In a blender, add durian with 3 cups of the tempered cream-egg-sugar mixture, blend well.
7) Pour the blended mixture back into the bowl and whisk the mixture well.
8) Place the ramekins in a casserole dish, pour each ramekin with the mixture.
9) Place the casserole dish in the oven, add hot water to the casserole dish, avoid pouring hot water inside the ramekins or injuring yourself.
10) Bake at 325 degrees F for 35-40 minutes.
11) Remove each ramekin carefully and allow them to cool completely.
12) Wrap each ramekin in plastic and refrigerate for 4-6 hours or overnight (until the crème brûlée is set).
13) When ready to eat sprinkle the turbinado sugar into the ramekins (according to your taste) and blow torch the top to caramelize the sugar.

separate egg yolks from
the egg white
pour the cream into
the ramekins  
these are ready to be baked in the
hot water bath
(best to put half of these ramekins
in to bake to prevent uneven baking
or use 2 ovens if you have available)
baked ramekins
(remove them from the
oven and let cool)
 sprinkle the turbinado sugar on top
(add as little or as much as you prefer,
I like mine with a little to no sugar)
burn the sugar with a blow torch
durian fruits (Thailand, 2007)
*In Asia durian is known to be the king of fruits.  It has a very tough protective spike covered shell, if one would happen to fall on you, it may cause some very serious head trauma!  My favorite memory of durian is that some years back my husband and I took our rental 100 cc motorcycle up the mountains in the center of Koh Samui island (Thailand) and we came across a huge durian plantation.  We purchased a durian from the farmer and he opened up the fruit for us and we sat on top of the mountain eating this amazing fresh fruit while watching the setting sun.

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