Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Avocado and Papaya Smoothie (serves 2)

I love tree ripened fruit.  They taste so much better than fruit that have been picked green and then slowly ripen.  Once you have eaten tree ripened fruit you will not want to eat them any other way.  I made this smoothie using two of my favorite fruits on this trip, it makes a great drinking snack!

Avocado and Papaya Smoothie (serves 2) 


2 C ripe avocado
2 C ripe papaya
3/4 C milk
4 ice cubes
3/4 C papaya yogurt or plain yogurt
1 T sugar (optional)
Bougainvillea bracts and a piece of a banana leaf, garnish (optional)


1) Whip all ingredients together in a blender until smooth.
2) Garnish the drinks with bougainvillea bracts and serve them on a banana leaf.

hiking Haleakalā (Maui, 2011)
*This photo was one of five photos that was selected and exhibited at Massachusetts General Hospital, Cancer Center, Illuminations Program in 2011.  My husband and I decided to do a 4-hour hike up on Haleakalā.  At the end of our hike I quickly snapped this photo as the clouds rolled in causing poor visibility.  

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