Thursday, October 18, 2012

How to Prepare a Pineapple

I grew up eating pineapples so preparing a pineapple is second nature to me.  It is a simple and quick task, when you do it this way you are actually eating most of the fruit.  The end result is much more aesthetic! 


1) Use a sharp knife and cut about 1/3 inch off the crown (top that has the spear-like leaves) and the base of the pineapple.
2) Place the pineapple on its base on the cutting board, cut the outer layer of the tough skin.  Do not cut too deep or cut out the eyes of the pineapple.
3) Either lie the pineapple horizontally on the cutting board or on your hand, cut the eyes by slicing a "V" shape into the eyes.  I normally cut three eyes at a time.  Notice that the eyes line up in a spiral.
4) Continue to cut the eyes out this way until you make your way around the whole pineapple.  Discard the cut out eyes.

cut about 1/3 inch off the crown
and base of the pineapple
cut the outer layer off the tough skin
(do not cut through the eyes of the pineapple)
outer layer removed
cut the eyes by slicing a "V" shape into
three eyes of the pineapple at a time
discard the cut out eyes

*If you are interested in growing a pineapple you can save the top.  Peel off some lower leaves to expose about 1/2 inch to 1-inch of the tip.  Let it dry for 2-3 days.  Put the tip in moist soil and give it a little water.  Pineapple does requires lots of sun but not a lot of water.  If you live in NH most likely you will not be getting any fruit. My husband grew some pineapples for a few years and they are slow growing.  Be careful of the sharp spear-like leaves.  They can be dangerous!!

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