Friday, October 26, 2012

How to Shred a Green Papaya

When you are looking to make green papaya salad you need to pick a firm and preferably green fruit. It is best to pick them off the tree if you can.  However, this is not possible for many of us living in a non-tropical place.  Some of the fruit that you buy may be firm on the outside and soft on the inside. Just shred  the firm part and save the softer part to make a smoothie or eat it later.  The green papaya has a lot of sap especially after peeling the skin.  You can see the white sap coming out.  That is the reason that I like to soak my shredded papaya before I eat it.

(photos of the papaya fruit on a tree)
most of the trees are usually straight without branches
although I have seen a few odd trees with branches

1) wash and peel the outer green skin
(use a peeler and a shredder--pictured)
2) shred the papaya until you hit the soft center or seeds

wash, cut the papaya in half,
remove seeds, peel the green skin
and then shred the papaya
3) soak the shredded papaya and
give it a quick massage with your hands
4) strain the shredded papaya,
squeeze out excess water
with both hands
prior to using it in a salad
sometimes I like to add shredded carrots for color
*After you have strained the shredded papaya, squeeze out excess water and put it in a zip lock bag or container and keep refrigerated.  You can keep it for 2-3 days.  When you take it out to use squeeze the shredded papaya again to rid excess water.
*Papaya is easy to grow.  You can use the black seeds from a matured papaya.  Spread the seeds out on a dish and let them dry completely before planting.  The female trees will bear fruit in about 2 years if given plenty of sun and water.

there are many shredders available,
here are two types of hand shredders:
the top one gives you are crunchier texture
the bottom one gives a finer texture
(you can buy the bottom on in an Asian market)
*If you do not have a shredder then you can use a knife instead.  Gently take your knife and cut into the peeled fruit about 3-4 mm deep multiple times (making sure all the cuts are in one direction). After cutting into the fruit as much as you can, take your knife and slice the top layer off.  You will get shredded pieces from this process. Repeat the process until you are done.  Once you get the hang of this you will find that it gets easier and and you will be much faster.  

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