Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Making a Leaf Dish or Boat for Your Food

Making a leaf dish or boat using banana leaves or ti leaves is quite easy.  All you need is a sharp knife or scissors and some tooth picks. The banana leaves or ti leaves are flexible and they are waterproof, making it ideal to hold the food.  Also, they make a pretty presentation and make eating more enjoyable and interesting!

cut 2 pieces of leaves in a rectangular shape,
take one corner and crimp the edge
take a toothpick and skewer the crimped edge together
once you have completed the 4 corners
it will look like a boat or a dish
lunch my way!
a banana leaf bowl
*Once the dish or boat is complete you can cut the tip of the toothpicks off with a pair of scissors so they are not so sharp.  Another option is to skewer a fruit such as a grape or a cherry tomato on top of each toothpick.  This will add more garnish to your presentation.
*If you have a difficult time using toothpicks to close the corners then you can staple them.  
*Instead of a rectangle you can use a square and make a bowl.

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