Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Seasonal Fresh Fruit on Banana Leaves (serves 1)

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star fruit
It's always nice to have seasonal fresh fruits for a snack, dessert or light meal.  You an use any fresh fruit you have available.  I used banana leaves as a serving plate; both for presentation and for a quick clean up after the meal!

Seasonal Fresh Fruit on Banana Leaves (serves 1)


1 avocado, dice or slice
1 lilikoi fruit, cut in half
1 ice cream banana, keep whole
1/8 of a pineapple, cut in bite size pieces
1 star fruit, slice and remove seeds
2 bougainvillea bracts and flowers, garnish
Banana leaves, serving plate


Arrange the fruit on banana leaves and garnish with bougainvillea bracts and flowers.

banana leaves
fushia color bougainvillea
(they come in other colors--
white, light pink, orange, purple)
*Harvest the largest banana leaves that have not been torn by the wind.  Make sure to clean the banana leaves well by wiping them gently with a wet wash cloth or towel.  
*The banana leaves are flexible and waterproof.  They have many useful functions; in serving food, decoration, wrapping food, making bowls or cups to hold food, and serving mat or plate to name a few.

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