Saturday, December 1, 2012

Fried Rice--Auntie's Style (serves 3-4)

Years ago I lived with my Tùa Ý (eldest maternal aunt) for a short time when I worked for the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.  She is a wonderful cook and I was never hungry in her home.  Today I made fried rice using tomato paste which is the main ingredient that makes her fried rice especially tasty. It's a great dish to use up day old rice!  You can put anything in your fried rice.  If you are not a fan of pork sausage you can add kielbasa, ham, chicken, turkey, fresh or dried shrimp or just vegetables. However, the Chinese pork sausage is delicious!  Just like most things, consume these sausages in moderation.

Fried Rice--Auntie's Style (serves 3-4)

Fried Rice


1 tsp olive oil
6-oz (2 1/4 links) Chinese pork sausage, diced
1/2 large (or 5-oz) white onion, diced
16-oz frozen peas and diced carrots bag
2 Tbsps tomato paste
3 Tbsps soy sauce
About 4 C of fluffed cooked jasmine rice
1/4 tsp ground black pepper
Sliced egg, garnish, garnish, optional (direction follows)


1) Heat oil in a large pan or wok over medium high heat until the pan is hot.
2) Add sausage and stir occasionally for 3 minutes or until the sausage is cooked but not burned, remove sausage and set aside in a small bowl.
3) Add onion to the pan, sauté for 2 minutes or until onions is translucent.
4) Add frozen peas and carrots, cook for 5-6 minutes (or longer if you prefer your carrots to be softer).
5) Add tomato paste and soy sauce, mix well.
6) Add rice about a cup at a time and mix until well blended, continue until all the rice has incorporated.
7) Sprinkle the pepper into the mixture.
8) Garnish with sliced egg.

*You can dice your own carrots if you prefer.  I was running short on time and I had a bag of frozen peas and diced carrots in the freezer.  You can boil the frozen peas and diced carrots prior to adding to the pan.  

Sliced Egg (garnish)

My mother showed me how she makes her sliced egg to garnish her dish.  It's really pretty and so simple to make.


1 egg
About 1 Tbsp olive oil
1 small non-stick pan


1) Crack one egg into a small bowl, take a fork and stir until egg yolk and white is mix well.

2) Heat a small (preferably non-stick) pan with 1/2 tablespoon olive oil over medium high heat.
3) Once the pan is hot pour 1/2 of the egg mixture into the pan and swirl the pan around until the pan is coated with a thin layer of egg.  If there is extra egg mixture then pour the left over back into your bowl.
4) Cover and cook for about 20-30 seconds until the top is cooked but not dry out and make sure the egg does not burn.
5) Once done then flip the pan upside down onto a plate or a cutting board.  If it does not come out then you may to use a thin spatula to lift the edges.
6) If the pan needs more oil you may add a teaspoon of oil to the pan, add the rest of the egg and repeat the process.
7) Layer the second egg sheet onto the first.  Loosely roll the sheets into a log.  Cut the rolled log into thin strips. Spread the sliced egg over your food.

*If you are making a huge platter or a few plates of fried rice or other food and would like to use more sliced egg then just add more eggs.  If you are interested you can add fresh chopped chives to the egg mixture for a different look.

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