Monday, March 11, 2013

Scallop and Crab Soy Salad Rolls (makes 16 rolls)

colorful soy salad rolls
turmeric yellow soy wrapper
paprika orange soy wrapper
sesame soy wrapper

Spring forward with some colorful soy salad rolls!  These soy wrappers are fun to make and eat!  We just turned our clocks forward this weekend here in the United States, making our daylight a little longer in the evening.  It is a bit difficult to believe that Spring is just around the corner when we still have huge piles of snow everywhere, just last Friday we had a foot of snow!

Soy Salad Rolls


4 soy wrappers
7 oz of Organic Spring Mix with Herbs (or any tender mixed greens), divide into 16 equal portions
3-4 seared sea scallops, cubed (please see Mini Seared Sea Scallops Salad with a Tropical Sauce post)
1/2-1 oz crab meat*
A few radish sprouts, garnish (optional)
1 recipe for sealing paste (recipe to follow)


1) Cut each soy wrapper in half.
2) Take some of the sealing paste and dab it about 1/4 inch wide across the end away from you.
3) Take a portion of the mixed greens and place it on the end closer to you.  If the greens stick out on the ends that is ok.  It looks nicer if you have some sticking out!
4) Start rolling as tight (but gently) as possible until you reach the other end.  Seal the roll tightly.  Add more sealing paste to the roll if needed.
5) Cut the roll in half.  Stuff the scallops or crab meat into the center of each roll.  Garnish with a few radish sprouts if desired.
6) Serve with spicy honey dipping sauce or hoisin with roasted peanut dipping sauce  (recipe to follow).

*You can pretty much use anything on top of these salad soy wraps.  Fish, shrimp, or even poultry would be a fine alternative.  If you are making these for a party you can wrap the greens first and then add the seafood or meat when your guests arrive.
*After I seared the scallops I added my crab meat into the pan and sautéed for about 1 minute.  This dried the crab meat a little and gave it an interesting fried taste.  In the past I used steamed crab meat and that is fine as long as the crab meat is added in the middle of the soy wrappers.  Placing the crab meat next to the soy wrapper will cause it to become soggy.
*If you are a vegetarian then leave out the seafood and meat.  You can add other interesting vegetable (such as shredded red cabbage), fruit (such as avocado, berries, apple, pear, tangerine, or orange) or cheese (such as goat cheese).  You can even dip these rolls in your favorite salad dressing!
*If you want to make these soy wraps even smaller.  You can cut these further in half, into bite size.
*I know of only one market nearby that sells these soy wrappers and they are located in Portsmouth, NH.  Lo's Seafood & Oriental Market Inc. located at 1976 Woodbury Ave., Portsmouth, NH 03801, phone # is (603) 431-0022.  Hours: Tue-Sat 9 am - 7 pm and Sun 10 am - 5 pm.  The last time I visited their store I noticed that they sell fresh curry leaves, which is very rare to find in this part of the States.

Sealing Paste (glue for the wrappers)


2 t water
1 t rice flour


1) Mix the water and flour together until well blended.
2) Heat the mixture in a pan over medium heat and stir until a paste is formed.  Remove from heat and cover the pan (to prevent paste from drying out).

*You can use steamed rice to seal the wrappers.  The steamed rice is a better option to use if you don't have any rice flour.  Today I came up with the idea of making a sealing paste and it worked extremely well on these soy wrappers.

Spicy Honey Dipping Sauce 


2 T Vietnamese Dipping Sauce
1 t honey (or according to your taste)
1/2 t Sriracha chili hot sauce (or according to your taste)
1/8 t soy


1) Mix all ingredients together until well blended.

Hoisin with Roasted Peanut Dipping Sauce 


4 T of Vietnamese Dipping Sauce
4 T of hoisin sauce
2 t hot sauce (or according to your taste)
Roasted peanuts, crushed


Mix the Vietnamese dipping sauce and hoisin sauce together.  Add hot sauce and sprinkle roasted peanuts on top.

Little Mouse, the scallop snowman
(this guy is totally edible!!)

*I made Muscles, a scallop snowman last week and he won first prize in a snowman contest (let the truth be told, I was competing with one other contestant!) in Portsmouth, NH.  The competition was to make a snowman out of anything but snow.  Today I made his twin brother and named him Little Mouse.  He has a hazelnut hat, eyes made out of cloves, a carrot nose, saffron mouth, lemongrass arms and he is resting on a scallop shell with a pile of mashed potatoes.  Muscles was a bit controversial and evil looking so I decided to post Little Mouse (the good twin) instead!

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