Sunday, April 28, 2013

Delicious and Fresh Tropical Fruits

When I visit tropical places such as Vietnam I love to eat fresh fruit. All over Southeast Asia you will find people selling fresh fruit from a small push cart, back of a bicycle, a boat, on the side of the road, at a street corner, or in markets.  Wherever you buy chances are the fruit will be much better than if they have traveled for thousands of miles to reach you.  Of course the best fruits are the ones you have grown them yourselves as my grandmother tells me!  

cut up dragon fruit
(I used part of the outer layer of the fruit to make a garnish--
make for a better presentation)
cut up guava fruit to be eaten with a
combination of hot chili pepper and salt
(the preferred Vietnamese way of eating some fruit)
my cousin, Hui Chieu bought me sweet
succulent purple mangosteen from Soctrang
creamy and sweet durian
my 93 y.o. grandmother proudly held
up this large home-grown mango
my cousin, Sieu Hui cut this
fresh guava for me when I visited
(cam on S. Hui!!)
green mangoes hanging from a tree
(one of my uncles picked a mango
from his back yard)
one of my aunts battled a durian--the king of all fruits
the durian has sections and you can easily
pry it open and get perfect pieces out
beautiful durian meat
(you can also cook the seeds and eat them!)
young coconuts
ripe mangoes for sale in a market
neatly stacked fruits in An Trach market
portable fruit cart on the side of the road
(Soctrang, Vietnam)
selling fruit from a bicycle
(An Trach, Vietnam)
market inside a Khmer temple property
(Soctrang, Vietnam)
portable mango cart outside a pastry factory
(I was buying mangoes from this woman and it
turns out she knows my mother!)
Chi Tam selling fruits
(photo taken in Saigon, 2010, I tried to find
her on this trip to give her this photo
but she was nowhere to  be found)

*This last photo of Chi Tam selling fruits was on displayed at several exhibitions in 2011.

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