Sunday, April 28, 2013

Minh Châu Restaurant

My aunt and uncle own this small family restaurant in Nga Ba An Trach, about 3 miles from Soctrang, Vietnam. They started off selling pastries and prepared dried food.  Later they expanded to serve hot food.  They have rice plates and different types of noodle soup.  I must say their food is excellent. You can also observe this by the many mini-vans and buses that stop here for food.  Many return customers keep coming back for their good home-style cooking.  I love eating their noodle soup in the morning.  If you like noodles then this is the right place to eat!!

Tiệm Minh Châu--cơm, mì, hủ tiếu, bò kho, bánh canh
(Minh Chau Restaurant, serving rice dish, noodles, beef stew)
activities in the kitchen
getting busier with hungry customers
garnishes/topping for the soups and rice dishes
mother and daughter team
it's hard work to feed hungry people
cousin Tú Huệ --the chef
(working hard and still all smiling!)
Son, cousin-in-law
breaking ice with her hand
--the Vietnamese way!
dì ý (second maternal aunt)--
owner and chef, making a rice dish
the family
the staff
Vietnamese iced coffee
bún bò kho
(Vietnamese beef stew with rice noodles)
bánh canh
(noodle soup)
special prepared wrapped food
wrapped food (nem)
bánh ú--wrapped rice snacks
(great food for traveling)
bánh pía--special Chinese pastries
with durian filling
(famous pastries in Soctrang)
bánh phồng tôm
(Soctrang is famous for these shrimp chips;
if you are here you should buy some of these to try)
back of the restaurant--beautiful rice field

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