Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Boiled Jackfruit Seeds

I have eaten jackfruit numerous times in my life.  However, I have never eaten a jackfruit seed before. My aunt and uncle planted a tree in the back of their home and it has been very productive.  At times the tree bears so many fruits that they have to give some to my cousins who have a coffee and juice cafe in Soctrang.  When I visited them recently, my aunt (Kiểm) and I removed the edible meat from the jackfruit and saved the seeds.  She cooked the seeds in gently boiling water for about thirty to forty minutes until they are soft.  Once the seeds are soft, drain the water and let them cool completely.  Before eating peel the outer brown/tan layers from the cooked seeds.  These seeds tasted a bit similar to cooked peanuts. Next time you purchase a whole jackfruit remember to save the seeds so you can enjoy these delicious and healthy treats!

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