Thursday, July 18, 2013

Farmer's Market (Exeter, NH)

Exeter Farmer's Market is a great place to purchase fresh organic produce from the local farmers. The produce that I saw at the market is amazing.  The vegetables are colorful and vibrant--the way they should look!  Some farmers sell fresh eggs (quail, chicken, ducks, and goose), all sorts of organic meat (goat, lamb, rabbit, goose, turkey, duck, chicken, quail, pork and beef), flowers, potted plants and herbs, hand-made soaps, goat cheese, milk, yogurt, maple syrup, prepared food and much much more!  A little rain did scared some folks away but not my fearless neighbor/friend Inge and me. Never let a few rain drops deter you from visiting this wonderful place.  The farmers are friendly, young and full of energy.  They love what they do and it showed.  They will answer any questions you have.

I strongly believe the importance of knowing where my food comes from and also to establish some sort of a relationship with my local farmers.  About a month ago I visited the market and met Sherrie, owner of Cracked an Egg Farm.  At that time I bought some fabulous duck eggs from her.  We were talking and somehow our conversation lead her to inform me that she will be slaughtering a few goats in the next few weeks.  I asked if she could reserve some goat hearts for me.  I am glad I did not scared her off with my request!  I was not able to get to the market until this afternoon.  I contacted her yesterday via email and asked if she could bring the hearts to the market.  She remembered and today I picked up the hearts from her!  I don't know exactly what I will be doing with the hearts yet but hopefully something good.  I also picked up a few packages of goat meat from her.  I cannot wait to cook these items.  Thank you Sherrie!!

If you have ever had a garden before, have done some farm work or have raised farm animals then you will know the work these farmers are doing is just plain back breaking.  Please support your local farmers and buy locally raised and farmed food!  Exeter Farmer's Market is open Thursdays from 2:15 pm to 6:00 pm in Exeter, New Hampshire (May 2 to October 31) located at Swasey Parkway.  There is plenty of parking and they are kids friendly!

purple beans
rainbow chard
beans, zucchini & summer squash
indulge yourself to these special bubble bath soaps!
maple snacks
from Sugarmomma's Maple Farm
pure maple syrup
from Sugarmomma's Maple Farm
Meadow's Mirth farm
leafy greens from Meadow's Mirth farm
Sherrie from Cracked an Egg Farm
(where I purchased
duck eggs, goat hearts and goat meat!)
Live Free Farm

Phil & Becky
from Brandmoore Farm
(where Inge and I bought goat yogurt)
Timothy from Kellie Brook Farm
Anderson's Mini-Maples
Inge at Hickory Nut Farm
Inge at Etta's Soaps
Inge at figtreekitchen
Etta's Soaps
Bath and Body
New Roots Farm

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