Saturday, January 25, 2014

Farmer's Market (Rollinsford, NH)

I am lucky to be off from work this weekend.  The weather is gray and cold outside so my husband and I decided to visit the Winter Farmer's Market located in Rollinsford, NH.  The market was well attended by many people with the same idea--in search of good locally raised and farmed food!! Fortunately for us it was held inside in one of the warm Wentworth greenhouses.  There were lots of vendors selling all sorts of interesting produce and prepared food.  I reconnected with people I have met in the past and made a few new contacts.  My husband and I ate some delicious omelets and potato pierogi while listening to live music.  I tracked down Sherrie from Cracked an Egg Farm and purchased a rabbit from her.  Thank you, Sherrie!!

Kellie Brook Farm

some items were so popular that they were SOLD out!

picking fibers to make yarn

Riverslea Farm
(Epping, NH)

2 friendly faces from Brandmoore Farm

colorful jams

why travel to Italy for fresh pasta when you can
visit Valicenti Organico in NH for equally good pasta?

Garen's Greens at Riverside Farm
where you can find fresh vegetables & prepared foods
(you can purchase tasty giant potato pierogi
from Garen (pictured on right)!!

from The Glass Bead Tree
Stacy Weeks Schoell hand made all these beautiful jewelry
check out her site:

from Green Parrott Designs
(North Berwick, ME)
you can purchase their colorful yarn
Carrie Cahill Mulligan
Heirloom Handknit Hats
check out her site:
(the large hat in the foreground is what
the hat looks like before it is complete)

Carrie's final product (hat) is creative,
beautiful and will keep your head warm!!

meyer lemon flowers

sign of Spring despite
high of 33 degrees F and large piles
of snow on the side of the road

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