Sunday, March 30, 2014

Aunt Marja's Appelstroop

After I made my simple apple syrup Aunt Marja sent me her appelstroop recipe.   Here is exactly how the syrup is made, the Dutch way!  You can use this syrup over pancakes, crepes, toast, making stew, or anything you find fitting.  Thank you Aunt Marja!!

Uncle Jan Willem & Aunt Marja with Beau (in Zutphen)

Aunt Marja's Appelstroop


2.5 kg sweet, ripe apples
250 mL water
250 g white or brown sugar


1) Wash the apples, cut them into pieces and then place them into a pan or pot with the peel and core.
2) Add water, cover the pan or pot and let them cook for 1 hour until soft.
3) Place a cloth inside a colander, place it over a pot, pour the cooked apples in the cloth lined colander.
4) Twist the cloth with your hands and squeeze to extract as much liquid out as you can.
5) Add sugar into the pot and cook over medium heat until the liquid becomes syrupy.  When a spoonful of liquid drips down like a thread then it is done.  Avoid cooking too long because after cooling the liquid will turn thicker.

*Be sure to use a piece of clean cloth that is larger than the area of your colander.  You may use a clean cotton cloth.  You will definitely get a good workout making this syrup!

windmills in Zaandam


  1. Thank you for sharing. My mother was from Holland and my sister and I polished off a whole container of Appelstroop when I was 8 years old. Ha, Ha. Do you know if you could use cheesecloth for this. Also, do you know how to store this if you make a big patch? Thank you again. Patsy Newell

  2. Hi Patsy, thank you for sharing your childhood story! You can use multiple layers (2 or 3) of cheesecloth to strain the liquid. Sterilize the jars or containers and lids similar to making jams and store them in the refrigerator for a longer shelf life. Best regards, Thanh