Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sauteed Shrimp with Roe (serves 2 as part of a shared meal)

I have eaten sauteed shrimp with roe many times over the years.  In Vietnam this dish is known as tôm kho tàu.  Every time I make this I play around with different ingredients.  My mother often makes this classic dish with Maine lobsters and it is always amazingly tasty.  In the Mekong Delta my relatives made it with the local jumbo prawn.  If you come across any shrimp with the heads on, and the heads have a bit of red coloring then most likely it contains some roe. This is the best type of shrimp for this dish.  This dish will have a natural bright red color and it's not just pretty to look at but also delicious.  There are many ways to eat this dish but I like to eat this dish with warm bread so I can soak up the sauce.  I have made a similar dish for my 100th blog posting called Sauteed Shrimp, Shiitake Mushrooms and Ginger.  


2 Tbsps olive oil
2 large garlic cloves, smashed, minced
1 1/2 Tbsps grated ginger
lb large shrimp with roe (removed shells but keep the roe)
1 tsp fish sauce
1/2 tsp sugar


1) Heat oil in a medium size pan over medium high heat.
2) Once the pan is hot add garlic and ginger.  Saute for about a minute (try not to burn the garlic).
3) Add shrimp and saute about 4 minutes.
4) Add fish sauce and sugar.  Saute about another minute or until the shrimp is just cooked.

*I am sure there are many ways to peel shrimp.  I normally start with the head.  Gently remove the shell covering the head and leave the roe and liver.  Proceed to remove the rest of the shell from the body and tail.  Inspect the head closely and remove the mouth piece if it is still attached.

tulips blooming in Boston this week
(April 2014)

snow in seacoast NH today (same week),
just one hour North of Boston
(April 2014)

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