Friday, October 10, 2014

Frozen Banana (1-2 servings)

frozen banana
I am definitely going bananas with all the candy apple bananas around me!! Luckily my husband and I have normal functioning kidneys and we love eating bananas. I especially like the frozen bananas. This snack brings me instantly back to my own fond childhood memories. I remember my mother used to sell a similar treat but on a stick when I was little. Back then (in Vietnam) the coldness tasted soothing and refreshing in the hot humid sun. Nowadays I make this even in the middle of East Coast winter.

These frozen bananas are very simple to make. You can use any plastic bag or container that can be frozen. I normally use plastic wraps or bags. Put your peeled bananas in the middle of your wrap or bag.  Squash the bananas down slightly using your palm. Add your favorite yogurt for extra flavor. Wrap or seal the bag tightly and place in the freezer. Once frozen then it is ready to eat, remove it and garnish with roasted peanuts if interested and enjoy! A lot of times I just eat from the bag for easy clean up.

In this recipe I used apple bananas, also known as candy apple bananas. These are much sweeter (hence its name) in comparison to the common variety Williams bananas, also known as giant Cavendish found mostly in United States (mainland) groceries. If you are in the US these apple bananas can be found growing on the islands of Hawaii.

Frozen Banana-Guava Yogurt

For this batch I used 4 apple bananas and 6-oz of guava yogurt.

1) place the peeled bananas in a bag
2) slightly flatten the bananas with your palm
3) add your favorite yogurt in the bag
4) remove as much air out of the bag, seal it and put in freezer
5) once the contents are frozen remove and eat
clusters of apple bananas
on the banana plant
my husband holding up
ripened apple bananas
*More information on banana facts:

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