Saturday, October 18, 2014

Papaya and Purslane Weed Salad (serves 1)

When I have an abundance of green papaya, I like to keep a supply of prepared shredded papaya in a clean bag in my refrigerator.  I have come up with other ideas by mixing different ingredients so I don't get tired of eating it.  I found this great looking purslane weed at the Makawao farmer's market.  It has a slightly acidic taste which complements this dish well.  I also like the texture of these green leaves against the yellow strings of papaya.


1 large handful of prepared shredded papaya
5 sprigs of purslane weed, cut or break into 1-inch lengths
5-6 mint leaves, hand torn
A large pinch of toasted sesame seeds
Vietnamese dipping sauce (add according to your taste)


1) Mix papaya, purslane weed and mint leaves together.
2) Sprinkle the sesame seeds on top.
3) Drizzle with some Vietnamese dipping sauce.

freshly shredded papaya
*Purslane weed is exactly that, a weed!  If you are able to harvest this in the wild it will be even more special.  If you forage for edible weed please remember to pick far away from the road and pesticide area.
*If you make this salad add as little or as much of the ingredient(s) according to your taste.

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