Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pele-Inspired Guacamole (serves 1-2)

Pele-inspired guacamole
On the Big Island my husband and I met Gary while we were walking to see the lava field. Gary has chosen to live on his land after Pele (the Volcano Goddess) visited him. He showed us incredible photos and footage that he had artistically documented and compiled into a movie--as Pele was steadily creeping into his land and taking back what was hers. He told us he was living on 21-acres of land and was self sufficient, able to eat off his land with what he grew. After Pele came he is slowly re-growing his vegetables and fruits. He kindly showed us his land and a simple but beautiful home that he built by himself. As you can see (photos below) his land is bare of soil, he depends on solar for energy, and collects rain water. Despite the bare soil he managed to grow vegetables and some young trees. Gary's story and perspective about Pele is unique. He does not feel that Pele robbed him. On the contrary he feels she had given him much more than she took from him.  

My husband loves a good guacamole. There are plenty of fresh creamy home-grown avocados on Maui. We have friends providing us with some beautiful fruits from their trees. If the fruits are picked off the tree and not ripe, rest assured, they will ripen quickly once they are picked. Place the unripe fruit in a brown paper bag and close the top. You can open the bag every 2 to 3 days to check whether the fruit is ready to eat. In the tropical heat the fruits ripen quickly, usually in 3-5 days. 

There are numerous ways to make guacamole. Here is one quick preparation that I normally follow for a decent guacamole. I called this dish Pele-Inspired Guacamole since it reminded me of Gary and his story of Pele. The lava sea salt definitely added taste and interesting texture to this dish. Thank you Gary for sharing your story with us!

I like the guacamole not completely mushy so I use
a knife to cut into the avocado and mix everything together
Pele-Inspired Guacamole (serves 1-2)


1 large or 2 small avocados, flesh only
1/4 C diced tomato (seeds removed)
1/8 C diced white onion
Juice from half lime or lemon
1 large pinch of coarse sea salt (or according to your taste)
A small pinch of black lava sea salt, garnish


Place avocado flesh, tomato, onion, and juice into a bowl or container. Take a knife (preferably serrated and somewhat flexible) and cut into the avocado to bits. Use the same knife to fold the sides to the center. Add coarse sea salt slowly and mix. Give it a taste and add more salt to adjust according to your taste.

*I saved one of the avocado's skin to hold my guacamole. It makes a great dish!
*Add more or less of the ingredients according to your taste and liking. You can also add chopped cilantro if interested.  
Gary and my husband walking to Gary's home
life can exist in what most
may find to be challenging conditions
Gary's young fruit trees in the foreground and
Gary's home in the distance

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