Thursday, October 9, 2014

How to Prepare An Avocado for Eating

a dish of fresh and ripe home-grown papaya and avocado
is just the perfect snack
Preparing an avocado is easy. There are many ways to get to the flesh. I normally cut into the center of an avocado to the pit (or seed). Open up the avocado with your fingers and thumbs into the two halves. Remove the seed with your finger or take a knife and pierce slightly (use either the tip or the sharp edge of a knife) into the seed to remove it. Take a knife and cut into the flesh (lengthwise or into cubes) and spoon it out. Sometimes I just eat the avocado straight by spooning out the flesh from each half. Fresh perfectly ripe avocado is creamy with a mild sweetness. Sometimes I eat them with other fruits. At times I like them with a little drizzle of honey, agave syrup or a pinch of sugar. I love all sort of fruit smoothies and avocado is great to add for a good drink. Here is an interesting article with many ideas of food preparation from the Huffington Post on avocados:

avocados and leaves

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