Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Breakfast Oatmeal with Pineapple Berry and Coconut Sauce (4 servings)

breakfast oatmeal with pineapple berry
and coconut sauce
breakfast oatmeal with pineapple berry and coconut sauce
I have a little left over pineapple and berry compote and came up with this oatmeal dish for breakfast.  I mainly made it for my husband since he likes this sort of food.  If you want to have something warm and fruity this may be a good and healthy meal to try.  It's inspired by a dessert that I grew up eating.  However, in this case it's not overly sweet like most treats.  If you are interested in turning this into a delightful sweet morsel then add more sugar into the oatmeal and pineapple berry compote. 

My husband said his mother used to make hot oatmeal for the family when he was growing up especially during the cold winter months.  Most of the time she would add a little brown sugar, raisins, fresh berries or cut fruits.  I always enjoy hearing stories of how certain food or meals provoked happy memories from the past.


I used Steel Cut oatmeal imported from Ireland (it came in a tin can).  It was recommended by several friends.  I followed the can's instruction and made a portion using 1 cup of oatmeal with 4 cups of boiling water.  Reduce heat to a simmer (uncovered) for about 30 minutes or until thicken. If you want to make it a dessert you can add some sweetener (such as sugar, maple syrup, agave syrup, honey, etc) in this. Instead of water you can substitute with milk, soy milk, coconut milk or even half water and half milk.  Use what you have or prefer.

Pineapple Berry Compote
pineapple berry compote
I made this Pineapple Berry Compote for crepe filling but I realized there are many uses for it.  I decided to add it to my oatmeal for look and taste.  

Coconut Milk Sauce

This coconut milk sauce is a basic sauce that I grew up eating.  It is used in dessert and some savory appetizers or on some street food items.  Even though it is used on desserts salt is added instead of sugar.  This is how my mother makes her sauce.

1 C coconut milk
1 tsp of cornstarch mix with 1 Tbsp water
A pinch of salt

Breakfast Oatmeal with Pineapple Berry and Coconut Sauce (4 servings)

You can arrange this dish however you prefer but this is how I made mine.  Spoon some cooked oatmeal into a cup or bowl.  Drizzle a few spoonfuls of coconut milk sauce over it.  Top with the Pineapple Berry Compote.  Sprinkle with some sesame seeds or nuts and indulge in this morning treat!

Happy Veteran's Day!
(Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, USA)

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