Thursday, December 4, 2014

Dutch Fried Egg on Toast or Uitsmijter (makes 3 open face sandwiches)

According to my Dutch born father-in-law, uitsmijter is a Dutch word for throwing someone out the door. It was originally served late at night to customers in places such as a bar (at closing time) as a friendly gesture to send them away with a little food. The meal is typically fried eggs with ham on a bread. Nowadays it is served at various times of the day and continues to be a popular least in the H family! When my husband and I visited his parents, my father-in-law would make his special breakfast uitsmijter for us--but his style. He uses benecol, a healthier alternative spread to real butter on the toast. He proudly recalled that his last professional work project at Union Camp (paper company) was the creation of the active ingredient in this product (plant stanol esters) before he happily retired. He mentioned to me once that his cardiologist had suggested he use benecol. I wondered whether or not he shared with his doctor that he contributed to the products invention. He smiled and responded "no". As far as I know Benecol is sold in most large groceries in the Northeast. If you live in New Hampshire or Massachusetts you may purchase it at Market Basket. To my knowledge they have the lowest price, currently (at the time of this blog posting) at $2.99 per 8-oz container. In New Jersey where my parents-in-law live they are sold at $5.99 for the same container. Unfortunately even though he helped put this product together he gets neither monetary incentive from it nor any discount. The next time you eat benecol you can actually identify a product creator to what you are eating!

my father-in-law making breakfast (2014)

3 pieces of toasted bread
3 pats of benecol spread
Thinly slices of cooked ham
A pat of butter for frying eggs
3 eggs


1) Toast the bread pieces.
2) Spread a pat of benecol on each toast.
3) Add the ham over over each toast.
4) Fry the eggs with a little butter according to your preference.  Slide each fried egg on top of the ham and toast.
5) May sprinkle a little salt and pepper on top.


  1. hi this meal with 3 pieces of bread is normally a lunch or dinner? and if it's a breakfast is 1 piece of bread and egg?

  2. Hi Vitor, thanks for visiting my blog! My father-in-law makes one piece of bread, one egg, and a piece of ham and serves this for breakfast. You may eat more than one of these. I hope this answer your question. Cheers!