Friday, June 5, 2015

Steamed Maine Mussels and Asparagus Salad (serves 1)

I have been busy with my new job and recently have to learn a new computer system (at work). Hopefully things will slow down a little for me to focus on other fun activities outside of work. 

Farmed raised Maine mussels are sold in the local New Hampshire markets. Sometimes I can get them for as low as $2.99 per pound. These mussels are fresh and sweet. Once cooked I normally eat them as is or with a simple dip of lime or lemon juice with salt and pepper. Today I decided to make a salad with ponzu seasoned sauce. Ponzu is a Japanese citrus based sauce. The resulting salad was light and tasty. 

farmed raised mussels from Maine
wild mussels from the
coast of New Hampshire

Steamed Maine Mussels and Asparagus Salad (serves 1)


10 trimmed asparagus, use a vegetable peeler and peel each one into thin strips
1/2 cup cooked mussels, remove from shells, remove the fiber-like clump
4-5 mint leaves (or your choice of herb), hand torn or julienned
1 Tbsp sliced almonds
2 tsp Kikkoman ponzu citrus seasoned dressing & sauce
1 tsp olive oil


In a large bowl add asparagus, mussels, mint, almonds, ponzu seasoned sauce, and olive oil. Gently toss all the ingredients together.

cooked mussels
*If you want to add the almond slices last you can sprinkle them over the finished dish.
*The farm raised mussels have much less sand in them. Once I brought them home, I washed them well several times in cold water. I tend to boil about 2 inches of water in a pot. Once the water comes to a boil I drop the mussels in and cover the pot. I steam/boil them for about 5-7 minutes or until they have opened up. I stir them a few times and remove from heat. I try not to cook them too long. Sometimes I save some of the broth and use this for cooking.
*I added my favorite type of mint that I have growing in my garden. You may add your herb of choice.

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