Saturday, July 25, 2015

Chives and Hawaiian Sea Salt Geoduck (serves 1-2 appetizers)

I had thinly sliced geoduck with soy sauce and wasabi at a restaurant/market. The portion was tiny and it was dried and tough. I was determined to buy a fresh one and make it myself. The result was surprising, quite tender and sweet. Even my husband complimented that my geoduck appetizers were better prepared. Initially my husband was worried that I had too high an expectation for the geoduck. He did not see why I want to pay for an overpriced "sea worm", an actual term he used. He said he prefers the German house-made sausages found all over Seattle. By the end of the trip he actually ate more geoduck than me. After his work meeting he was taken out to a Japanese restaurant where one dish consisted of 2 thick slices of geoduck placed over seasoned rice wrapped in seaweed. He was amazed the thicker pieces were tender.

Here is a simple geoduck dish with salt from Hawaii and chives from my garden that I carried all the way from New Hampshire to Washington State! Well, I just did not want to waste my home-grown herbs! Check out the link: How to Clean and Prepare a Geoduck.

Chives and Hawaiian Sea Salt Geoduck (serves 1-2 appetizers)


About 2 Tbsp lime juice or about 1 small lime
About 1 cup fresh thinly sliced geoduck (see link above for cleaning and preparing geoduck)
A few small pinches of crushed pink Hawaiian sea salt
A few sprigs of snipped chives


Drizzle the lime juice over the geoduck. Mix the 2 ingredients gently. Top with sea salt and chives.

night view from our rental studio in Seattle (2015)
Alki Point Lighthouse and Mt. Rainier (2015)
sailing by Mt. Rainier (2015)

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