Saturday, August 15, 2015

How to Repair a Fishing Rod Tip

How to Repair a Fishing Rod Tip

broken fishing rod tip
Earlier this summer while getting ready to head out fishing I placed my fishing pole diagonally to fit inside my 4-door sedan--a position that worked many times in the past. You may probably guess where this story is I closed the door I failed to notice that the tip got caught inside the door. Of course when I got to my destination I was horrified to see the tip of the rod was totally broken to a point that was unrepairable even by superglue. I was disappointed at myself for not paying attention to this detail prior to closing the car door. Luckily the fishing pole was still useable and I was able to continue fishing. I even managed to bring home a fish that day! While there I spoke to a few fishermen and to my surprise they admitted this had happened to them in the past! One told me that I can get a replacement tip at the store. On my way to Maine my husband and I stopped in Cabela's. One of the fishing department store staff assisted me with finding the right "rod repair kit". The kit cost less than $8 USD and it came with a glue stick and 3 different size tips. Based on the few repair kits left in the store it seems to me there must be quite a few people suffering similar issues!

rod repair kit
The directions on the back of the kit on how to glue the rod top were straight forward and simple. There were pictures to go along with the write up. I remove the damaged top by heating it for a few seconds. I melt the end of the glue stick for a few seconds and apply it to the rod tip. I heat the area where the two ends meet and slide the top over the glue section. I position the tip top to align with the other eyes on the rod. Once complete I left it alone and even after 10 minutes the tip is quite secure in place and looking as good as new! Now I have 2 more tips left. Hopefully I will not need them but I will store them in my tackle box just in case.

some matches to heat the glue
repaired fishing rod tip--as good as new!!

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