Saturday, August 22, 2015

Pan-Fried Swordfish with Lemongrass Marinade (serves 3-4)

My husband likes swordfish so when I heard that the local market just received a shipment of fresh fillets I bought some. My husband has been away on many business trips lately and so I decided to be nice to him and make this. Also I recently accepted a per diem Nurse Practitioner position at a college health center in Boston. It will be my second job since I will continue to work full time at my current job. I figured with our busy lives we may not be eating too many home-cooked meals in the future! Swordfish steaks are very meaty. The texture is similar to shark meat. It is a great fish to pan fry or grill and it will retain its shape and not fall apart after cooking like other fish. Just like anything it is best not to overcook. After about 6-7 minutes of cooking I take a sharp knife and pierce into the thickest part of the meat to check if it is cooked through. For an inch thickness it took me about 8-9 minutes to pan fry using a cast iron pan over my electric stove top. The cast iron pan retains heat well so it cooks faster than other thinner pans. I had some whole lemongrass that I kept in the freezer. The flavor is not as intense and flavorful as freshly harvested ones but it is better than nothing. I cut the lemongrass into thin rings and used a little coffee grinder to grind it. It's a great tool to have in the kitchen. I steamed fresh home-grown beans dropped off by my parents yesterday. This dish is simple, quick and tasty.

ground lemongrass
marinade swordfish steaks
pan-fried swordfish
with lemongrass marinade
Pan-Fried Swordfish with Lemongrass Marinade (serves 3-4)


2 Tbsp finely chopped lemongrass
2 tsp fish sauce
1 tsp olive oil
1 tsp sugar
Sriracha hot sauce (use as little or as much as you prefer), optional
1.5 lbs swordfish, 1 inch thickness (may cut the 2 fillets into 1/2 to yield 4 pieces)
Extra vegetable oil to pan fry
Chopped young chives, garnish


1) Mix lemongrass, fish sauce, olive oil, sugar, and sriracha hot sauce. Rub this on both sides of clean and dry swordfish pieces.
2) Heat a pan over medium high heat. Once the pan is hot add a few tablespoons of oil for cooking.
3) Place a whole fillet or 2 smaller pieces in once the pan is hot. Turn the heat to medium low and let the pieces cook (total cooking time about 8-10 minutes), turning occasionally so they do not burn.
4) Let the steaks rest for a minute to keep the juices in. If you have a little juice that come out use that to drizzle it over the meat or plate. Garnish with chives. 

*I like to snip my herbs with a pair of kitchen shears over my plate for a quick garnish. Use whatever herbs you have or want. I happen to have lots of young chives from my deck garden.

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