Thursday, October 29, 2015

Sweet Autumn Soup (about 6 servings)

This sweet Autumn soup consists of sugar pumpkin, sweet potato, melanga, banana and coconut milk. It is inspired by these dessert dishes known as chè in Vietnamese that my mother sometimes made for us at home. There are so many classic chè dishes. Here I came up with a medley of different ingredients that I already have in my kitchen. I have never seen anyone make chè this way but this is my blog and I am going to make it my way! :D I diced up all of the vegetables and fruits and cooked it in water. After everything is soft I added a can of coconut milk and a little brown sugar. I used a hand masher and gently mashed the cooked vegetables and fruits still in the pot. This can be served hot or cold. 

Sweet Autumn Soup (about 6 servings)


One small sugar pumpkin, skin and innards removed and discarded, roughly diced
One large sweet potato, skin removed, roughly diced
1 small melanga, skin removed, roughly diced
2 ripe banana, sliced
A can of coconut milk (400 mL)
Sugar to taste


In a large pot add pumpkin, potato, melanga, and banana. Add enough water to submerge all the ingredients. Cook until the melanga and potato are soft (these will be the hardest ingredients). Once all the ingredients are soft add coconut milk and sugar to taste. Gently mash everything while still in the pot.

*Add as little or as much sugar as you prefer. I made mine by adding just a few tablespoons of sugar since the bananas were very sweet. Serve immediately since the banana tends to turn dark if sits too long. 

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