Thursday, March 10, 2016

Banana Passion Smoothie (makes about 4 cups)

My husband and I are visiting Maui--this time to celebrate our 10th year of marriage. We rented a convertible inspired by his uncle Jan Willem and aunt Marja from Holland. They came to our wedding, rented one and loved driving all over the island including the scary part of the Hana Highway. They laughed and told us with sheer excitement that from their seats they could look down and see the steep cliffs! 

my husband in our rental Volkswagen Beetle (Maui, 2016)
Earlier my husband was walking around and picked a few ripe fruits for us. I love making smoothies when I have fresh tree ripened fruits. Here is a refreshing drink with apple bananas and passion fruits. The apple bananas are about half the size of the Williams banana (or Giant Cavendish) and are very sweet. I did not add extra sugar or sweetener to this drink. However, you may add brown sugar, honey, agave nectar or another sweetener if interested.

Banana Passion Smoothie (makes about 4 cups)


5 apple bananas (or 2 Williams bananas), peel
3 passion fruits, scoop out and use the seeds and juice
6 oz or about 1/2 can of Aloha Maid Pass-O-Guava juice
About 1 cup vanilla low fat yogurt
About 6 ice cubes


Put everything in a blender and blend until smooth.

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