Friday, April 15, 2016

Lightly Fried Monkfish Fillets (serves 2 as part of a shared meal)

I had forgotten how tasty monkfish is until I made it recently for my husband. Check out my previous post Monkfish and Lemon Caper Sauce. This Lightly Fried Monkfish Fillets dish is so easy that I didn't think it was worth the trouble to write it down. I had a few scallops leftover so I decided to keep everything simple and season both the scallops (6 sea scallops) and the monkfish (purchased 2 fillets which came to about a pound) with just salt and freshly ground black pepper. I fried them in a little oil until they are just cooked. Towards the end of cooking the monkfish fillets (due to the thickness they take the longest to cook through) I drop in the chopped white onion and chopped scallions to cook. You can serve this with anything. Of course I prefer this with freshly cooked rice and lots of extra vegetables on the side.

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