Saturday, June 11, 2016

Sauteed Fiddleheads in Benecol (serves 2)

sauteed fiddleheads in benecol,
cod with home-made tomato sauce and egg noodles
In the last month I transferred internally at work to a retail clinic closer to my home in New Hampshire. My commute is now 6.5 miles each way instead of 36 but who is counting! I am glad to drive 12 minutes to work these days instead of usual 45 minutes. Although I work solo in a clinic I have coworkers working in the store outside my clinic. At my previous clinic my coworkers were amazing people. Luckily my new coworkers at this new work site are equally great. They treat me as part of a team from day one.

Last week while at work Moniqua, one of a supervisors stopped by for a brief chat while I was not busy with patients. She informs me she and her family are heading up to North Stratford, New Hampshire to ride on their all-terrain vehicles (ATV) over the weekend--one of their favorite pastimes. I tell her about fiddleheads and how to spot the edible type. She came in to work on day and surprised me with a 1/2 gallon bag of fiddleheads that she had foraged on her ride! She remember what I told her--to pick only the ones that have bits of brown papery husk on the outside. She picked some and ate half of her harvest. She said she followed my instructions about boiling them and then sautéing them in butter. Instead of the 10-15 minutes she boiled them for 20 minutes just to be sure to rid of the toxin. I think it's great that she is willing to try different types of food!

These fiddleheads are tall since it is the end of their short season. However, they still seem young and tender. I wash these several times in clean water to remove the husk bits, trim a little bit off the ends, boil them for about 12 minutes, drain, rinse them in cold water and then saute them in about 2 tablespoons of benecol (margarine made from plant stanols) and a little salt for a couple of minutes. If you do not have benecol you can use butter. They taste amazing--still quite tender despite growing taller. Thank you Moniqua!!

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fresh fiddleheads
(washed and ready to cook)

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