Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Teochew Mi Sua (Sauteed Teochew Noodles)--serves 1-2

Teochew Mi Sua (Sauteed Teochew Noodles)
My mother uses half of the Home-Made Egg Noodles (see earlier recipe) to make this Teochew Mi Sua or Sauteed Teochew Noodles dish. It takes her roughly 5 minutes to make and it is delicious. Traditionally this is made with a type of fresh noodles that are very salty. According to my parents they must be salty for a longer shelf life. This simple noodle dish typically consists of dried shrimp, thinly sliced pork, Chinese chives, bean sprouts and cilantro leaves. Unfortunately, I do not have any bean sprouts or cilantro at home. My mother explains that if you are using bean sprouts be sure to saute them briefly and let the liquid drain completely before using. Bean sprouts contain a lot of water and it comes out during cooking. This is a dry noodle dish so you want as little liquid as possible in here. Use a non-stick pan. My mother gave me this recipe so it is a bit vague! ;--)

Teochew Mi Sua (Sauteed Teochew Noodles)--serves 1-2


About 1-2 Tbsp of oil (vegetable, corn, canola, olive or whatever you prefer)
A few spoonfuls of ground pork or a few pieces of thinly sliced pork
A small handful of Dried Shrimp (home-made or store bought), hydrated in water for about 20 minutes, drained
1/2 recipe of Home-Made Egg Noodles
1 small bunch of Chinese chives, cut into about 1-inch lengths
A few squirts of soy sauce


Saute pork and shrimp with oil until the meat is just cooked. Add noodles, chives and soy sauce. Saute until the noodles are not clumpy, the soy sauce has blended into the noodles evenly and the chives are just wilted. May add a little more oil if needed. If you have any cilantro then chop some and add on top once done with cooking to garnish.

*If you are using the standard mi sua (noodles) that already contain lots of salt in them then you may want to omit the soy sauce.

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