Top 11 Best Raclette Grills For 2022 (Reviewed In Detail)

11 Best Raclette Grills Review For 2022 (Detailed Review & Analyzed)

Raclette is a Swiss dish that originated in the Jura region of Switzerland. It’s traditionally made by melting cheese on top of boiled potatoes. Friends and family gather around to share their meal, often with wine or beer!

The traditional way to serve raclette is for everyone at the table to assemble their own individual dishes from raw ingredients including meats, vegetables, sauces, breads and more…so it’s time for you too! 

It is an easy and affordable way to entertain family and friends while also enjoying the food that comes from your grill.

We’ve rounded up 11 of our favorite best raclette grills below so you can get started on this popular dish today. 

The top eleven best raclette grills will be reviewed in detail with pros and cons listed for each along with buying guide information with top factors you should pay attention when picking the most suitable raclette grill at the end of this post. Let’s go!

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Top 11 Best Raclette Grills You Don’t Want To Miss In 2022

#1 – CUSIMAX Raclette Grill Electric Grill Table – Best Overall


In term of judgement about “best raclette grills”, this Cusimax model is the best overall you should give a try.

Packed with enough power to cook two slices of toast at the same time, the CUSIMAX Raclette Grill packs a serious punch for those who are looking for versatile cooking.

You can use one side grill plates for cheese or vegetables, and the other side as a main course with steak-perfection is guaranteed every time!

Completely safe for children’s smaller hands, this electric raclette table features 8 paddles that are adjustable in temperature-you’ll always have perfect results no matter what dish you want to make!

Full set includes everything you’ll need: Plates, spatula, non-stick baking tray, crepe maker with adjustable temperature control.

This 2 in 1 Korean BBQ Grill Indoor & Cheese Ractlette is a quick and easy way to cook your favorite dishes indoors without all the mess from splattering oil onto your furniture or outside. Weighing only 25 lbs., it folds into a simple shape with handle for easy storage, carrying, & cleaning!

You’re always on the go, but you want to spend time with your loved ones. Eat delicious food without any worries when you bring home this CUSIMAX Electric Grill Raclette Table.

It features 8 independent raclette trays that will cook up your favorite cheese dish for 8 people at once! This grill has a reversible baking rack so you can easily remove all of the food in an instant and clean it in just minutes.

The 18 ’x9′ size means it’s easy to store when not in use, so you’ll be able to take it on-the-go whenever necessary. The non-stick coating makes it easy to remove and clean the double reversible baking tray and eight Raclette trays.

Key features

-Grill delicious food quickly and easily.

-Get the best out of your grill with adjustable temperature control.

-The reversible non-stick plate is perfect for cooking crepes, pancakes, breakfast foods, and more!

-Enjoy healthy grilled food without any excess oil.


  • Very easy to clean, and lots of fun for a small group.
  • Easy to use and the steaks came out well.
  • Makes great pancakes.
  • This grill is non-stick and perfect for all sorts of cooking.


  • Doesn’t have actual temps listed only min and max.
  • No grease drain

#2 – Techwood 1500W Raclette Electric Indoor Grill – Best Seller on Raclette Grills on Amazon (Editor’s Choice)

With a large cooking surface and two different plates, this raclette electric indoor grill is made for parties. With reliable heat, it’s perfect for grilled cheese sandwiches too! This electric grill comes with a large Non-Stick grilling plate, making it the perfect raclette grill.

You can use this portable indoor BBQ or stovetop model to cook up indulgent grilled cheese, decadent crepes, and tasty grilled shrimp using the 2-in-1 reversible grill/griddle plate.

The grooved side of this heavy duty appliance allows you to grill your desired food shade as easily as flipping over a cake! For those of you who love bacon crispy on the outside but tender on the inside, there’s no better option than Techwood’s 1800W Griddle Plate that allows you to make crispy bacon.

The Raclette grill from Techwood can cook a meal in minutes! This 1500 watt electric indoor grill has 8 individual cheese paddles, so the whole family at the dinner table can enjoy this remarkable and delicious legacy dish.

Use your imagination: melt or fry raclette cheese until it is seasoned to perfection and then plate while keeping mushrooms, ratatouille, beef bourguignon simmering.

Transform your inventive sides into part of an amazing appetizer platter while you releish all your favorite traditional foods such as grilled shrimp ceviche with lime juice and chilies or tartare sauce for dipping; make rich mashed potatoes or garlicky green beans; fry bacon-wrapped scallops atop spicy brown rice; add tangy sun-dried tomatoes and feta cheese to your baked potatoes.

Your family will enjoy the elegant presentations of colorful, flavorful dishes using this electric raclette grill from Techwood!

With a heat indicator light for worry-free cooking, a 1500 watt heating element with a thermostat control knob, and a special anti-overflow design – you’ll always make a great impression at the dinner table! 

Our team has 5 people and out of which 3 people have chosen to buy this model for the best raclette grills and most deserving of buying in 2022.

Key Features

  • 1500W heating element heats up quickly.
  • 8 individual cheese paddles.
  • Reversible 2 sided heavy duty griddle plate for frying meats & vegetables as well as making pancakes/grilled cheeses.
  • Healthy nonstick coating lasts longer.
  • One year warranty.


  • Large cooking surface, excellent temperature
  • Easy to set up, cook on, and clean.
  • The size is just right for a family with little trays at the bottom
  • The reversible plate is easy to use and can be adjusted for different types of cooking.
  • This grill cooks quickly and is perfect for a small family.
  • Easy to use and perfect for any occasion.


  • The heat level on the top of this grill is not strong enough for meat, and it does not work well with cheese because they do not get enough heat.
  • The grease collection should be deeper on the sides of the top grill part to prevent spilling.

#3 – Artestia Raclette Table Grill – Best Functional


The Artestia Raclette Table Grill is excellent for entertaining. It’s stylish, convenient and easy to use indoors, without the mess! Great for small spaces, it heats up quickly making cooking bbq or raclettes fast.

The non-stick reversible aluminum plate makes cooking a breeze with minimal hassle of flipping over food halfway through the grilling process.

For grilling enthusiasts, ten dish holders prevent spills when loading your grill surface ensuring your delicious pork ko loin will hold up well during cooking time while not dripping grease onto your counter top or stovetop.

Ready in minutes you’ll spend less time outside smoking over food, waiting to get that perfect char on the meat before getting back inside again.

So when the winter is coming very soon at the end of 2021, this is the best raclette grills for you to enjoy indoor party. Try this indoor barbecue table grill at home and enjoy your time with friends and family, free from the mess of cooking meats on a traditional outdoor grill!

The Artestia Raclette Table Grill offers a unique way to cook for your family, friends or an intimate date. With its adjustable thermostat and readable indicator lights the cardelife indoor grill stone will allow you to create a myriad of delicious raclette recipes such as cooking meat, vegetables, seafood or warming sauce.

This small but mighty table top charcoal bbq is perfect to keep food warm while also non-stick for healthier cooking with no odor! The best part ? It’s all within arm’s reach! Non-detachable hood prevents splatter while adding gas lamp charm.

This one is the perfect 2-in-1 table grill for BBQ enthusiasts who enjoy cooking indoors. Seamlessly melt cheese on potatoes or sauté crepe cake pancakes eggs using the smooth groove underside that can be used to evenly distribute heat across any surface.

Flip it over for a flat surface perfect for grilling your favorite meats and veggies! With 10 octopus of power, this professional grade electric grill heats up surfaces uniformly with ease.

If you’re looking for an indoor grill that won’t let you down in service or quality, make sure to buy Artestia Raclette Table Grill away today!

Key features

  • A plate can reach a maximum of 428 °F and it is controlled by the person cooking.
  • Can serve up to 10 people and has dish holders and spatulas.
  • The rotary temperature control on the side adjusts a plate’s temperature.
  • This grill has dishwasher safe parts and is easy to clean.


  • This has helped my family get more involved with food preparation and cooking.
  • The Raclette came with plastic spatulas to help scrape food off the metal plate.
  • The cheese cooker slides out easily
  • This grill is easy to use, heats quickly, and has a granite cooking surface that cooks food evenly.


  • It can’t accommodate 10 people cooking at the same time.

#4 – Swissmar Classic 8 Person Anthracite Raclette – Best Value For Money


A raclette is a round soft cheese that melts slowly and uniformly. What’s best about this Swissmar Classic 8 Person Anthracite Raclette with Cast Aluminum Grill Plate?

You can use it as either a raclette dish or griddle! This ensures the most even heat transfer, so you can prepare perfectly cooked food for anyone.

The reversible cast aluminum plate also helps your cooking process too: with one side covered in non-stick coating, you can grill and flip vegetables with ease.

The other side is plain and ideal for frying eggs without leaving any residue on the surface—perfect for those mornings when someone else cooks breakfast!

Another hugely beneficial feature of this product is its variable temperature control system that takes into account changes in ambient temperature, ensuring quality cooking every time.

The Swissmar Raclette Grill is really perfect for entertaining! It allows you to cook up all sorts of delectable dishes, like cheese fries, minced beef tartare with capers, sausage slathered in various sauces – the possibilities are endless.

And it’s great for making snacks too with its reversible grill plate that also includes a crêpe plate for pancakes or crepes.

This gadget is stovetop-safe and features variable heat control so you can keep your dish just how tepid or piping hot you want it using the simple dial control on top. Ideal for smaller parties of 8 people max due to size restrictions.

Key features

– Create a raclette party without the mess.

– Bring your dinner parties up a notch. 

– Cook up to 8 dishes at once. 

– Surprise your guests with an unexpected dinner party. 

– Spend less time cooking and more time enjoying good company.

– Gives you the opportunity to experiment with different dishes.

– You’ll be able to try new recipes.


  • This is a cook stove that can be used for parties or cooking 2-4 times per week.
  • The Swissmar company is very polite and answered all customer’s questions through several emails.
  • A stone cooking surface is heated in the oven without pre-heating, and meats are cooked on this surface.


  • top plate needs tweaked
  • The only issue with this cheese grater is that it does not have a way to keep the trays off of surfaces when you are not using them.

#5 – Hamilton Beach 8-Serving – Best Budget Option


The Hamilton Beach 8-Serving Raclette Electric Indoor Grill does more than grill up flavorful meats. This electric indoor grill will impress guests with its large serving size and variable temperature controls, while retaining a sleek, contemporary design that is perfect for any home.

Easy cleanup ensures you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy conversation with your loved ones – be it family members or friends.

We’ve had the opportunity to use this versatile appliance around the office lately, and couldn’t help but rave about how well it’s lived up to our expectations! It quickly heats up so you can cook both meat AND vegetables on different temperatures at once 

Kids love cooking with this raclette party grill because they get hands-on experience in preparing their own meal – which means less work for you and more time to spend with your family.

Key features

– Ideal for grilling snacks, veggies, and meats.

– Extra large drip tray is easy to clean.

– Adjustable temperature control lets you cook up the perfect meal every time. In the list of top 11 best raclette grills, this is the best coming with temperature feature.

– Slide out crumb tray makes cleanup a breeze!                         


  • This raclette offers a large cooking surface area, which makes it an excellent choice for larger groups.
  • Easy cleanup – just slide out the tray
  • Cleaning this melted cheese grill is super simple because it has a removable griddle plate that can easily be rinsed or wiped down after use.
  • Non-stick and has 8 little pans for cheese.


  • The raclette grill takes a while to warm up, but once it does, it works like a charm.
  • Smaller than expected
  • This kitchen utensil does not get hot enough to brown potatoes or bubble the cheese.

#6 – Milliard Raclette Grill for Eight People – Best Ease Of Usage


With Milliard Raclette grill for eight people, you’ll be able to make a range of delicious new dishes from one happy party. 

It cooks up meats, veggies, seafood and more with melted cheese – all in the same unit! Simple and portable social dining that lets everyone pick what they want from the grill and drizzle their favorite cheese on top. Non-stick surfaces allow for easy sliding and cleaning, while reversible grill tops let you get just the right sear on your food: A flat side or grilled side. Prepare fast and easily with adjustable cooking temperatures suited to different foods like fish, meat or vegetables.

Key features

– Grill and sear your favorite dishes.

– Prepare a healthy, delicious meal in minutes with ease.

– Saves counter space and maximizes efficiency. 

– Grills quickly and evenly, saving time and money. 

– Keeps food warm for a long period of time without drying out.


The raclette cheese melted well and allowed for a relaxing evening with the children.

The Weber Q1000 Grill has a good size for 8 people and includes 2 grilling tops


Hard to clean

#7 – Techwood Raclette Table Grill – Best Option For Korean BBQ Grill


Want an easy way to cook an assortment of tasty cheese-filled foods on a whim? The Techwood Raclette Table Grill, Electric Indoor Grill Korean BBQ Grill is worth considering. A versatile and durable cooking surface made with nonstick materials and 8 melting grills for cheeses makes this grill perfect for big groups like your family or friends.

A 1500 watt heating capacity means the food melts in less than 10 minutes and with adjustable heat you can get whatever flavor you want! And after, don’t worry about cleaning up; the plate lifts out for simple disposal of melted cheese. This is the ultimate gourmet grill that provides fully cooked meals in no time flat in our top list of best raclette grills.

Key features

– Cooks food in minutes. 

– Easy to clean and dishwasher safe. 

– Make your family’s favorite dishes on a weeknight with ease.


  • The tower came well packaged and was a good size for a family.
  • This grill has a small size, but you can cook a lot on it.
  • This grill is easy to clean and can be used both indoors and outdoors.


  • This grill is large, but the heat level on top needs to be higher.
  • The top grill is shallower than the bottom one, and it spills greasy food everywhere.

#8 – AONI Raclette Table Grill


The AONI Electric Raclette Grill is the perfect cooking companion for that next dinner party you’re hosting. This indoor grill will allow everyone around the table to cook meat, seafood, and vegetables on top of a non-stick grill while cheese and sauces can be heated in 8 separate bakeware trays below.

You won’t have to worry about anything sticking since the heating plate surface has anti-leakage coating with high heat toughness.,

The flavor of your foods will not escape because the heating plate can be locked shut when transporting them from indoors to outdoors or if transporting food away from it (a uniquely simple feature).

If at any point you feel like cleaning up, everything but the wooden top of this raclette table grill is dishwasher safe and can be thrown in for fast and easy clean up.

Key features

– Save time with cooking all food at the same time.

– High heat toughness coating prevents sticking.

– Dishwasher safe parts make cleaning a breeze.


  • Assembly was quick and simple, though the handle on top could’ve been better designed.
  • The heating element is awesome as well as the burner grill that encircles it to keep your meat warm while you cook more. It heats up quickly, cooks evenly, and has enough room to fit two big steaks or burgers at once without having them touch one another.
  • This AONI Electric Raclette Grill works about as well as you’d expect it would according to the price point – which is great.


The grill heats up quickly, but because there’s no temperature control it doesn’t go low enough to cook things slowly if you’d like.

For example, I cooked a big ribeye steak on medium high for three minutes per side and it ended up being about medium rare throughout because the med-high heat heated it too quickly.

If you’re cooking meat that can take really well to fast cooking then this isn’t an issue at all because searing hot will give you a perfect crust on your steaks or burgers.

Still, I wish it went down to at least low so I could have slow cooked them if I wanted to do so.

#9 – Bonsenkitchen 1300W Fast Heating BBQ Raclette Griddle

The Bonsenkitchen Smokeless Indoor Electric Grill offers 1300 watts of power and 5 temperature settings to quickly warm up, without making a fuss. With this versatile 1200w raclette griddle, you can enjoy Korean BBQ grilling with your family anytime right in the comfort of your home.

When finding out the one on “best raclette grills” that suitable most for Korean BBQ, Bonsenkitchen will be received a vote from me.

It also features nonstick grill plate for easy food preparation and has five temperature levels (between 170°F – 440°F) that allow you to sear food items like steak or seafood with precision. 

Grill indoors for a crowd. This smokeless electric grill has a nonstick surface and is perfect for griddling, cooking meats, seafood, or making pancakes and cheese on the raclette side. 

No worries about dirtying up your apartment complex’s outdoor grill with this fast-heating indoor barbecue! With its 1300W setting you can heat up quickly without waiting too long–perfect for BBQ breakfast at home. No nasty odors from smoking!

With the 2-in-1 cooked surface for grilling meats and cooking pancakes, the Smokeless indoor electric grill is perfect for any occasion!

Flip it over to use our flat side or enjoy a variety of cooking selections on both sides–the grill with the edge. The most affordable option with all these features may be waiting for you at Bonsenkitchen!

The cook’s most trusted partner in Smokeless Indoor electric cooking, this wholesome Kitchen Raclette Griddle with encrusted 8 paddles will give you years of culinary success.

With excellent taste and color retention due to ceramic coating, we know our products come best quality gold plated elements and parts that keep your food juicy and tasty.

Key Features

  • 8 paddles with handles for cooking sauces.
  • The “Healthy-Eco” nonstick surface is PTFE-free and provides stick-free cooking, with food release instant without oil required.
  • The raclette grill has a thermostat and visible indicator lights for versatile cooking options.
  • Grill without smoke with an electric grill


  • The indoor grill worked great, making the transition from outdoor to indoor cooking easy.
  • It’s easy to use and doesn’t produce smoke in the kitchen.
  • The grill is dishwasher safe and easy to clean.
  • Easy to clean and easy to pull apart.
  • This small BBQ has been able to cook bacon, fish and shrimp without making a large mess.


  • Grill plates are not for pancakes, they’re just regular grates.
  • The size of the unit was disappointing and the temperature dial should be in degrees rather than on a scale.

#10 – CucinaPro Dual Cheese Raclette Table Grill


For cheese lovers and meat-lovers alike, this CucinaPro Dual Cheese Raclette Table Grill provides the best of both worlds! This grilling stone is designed to melt your favorite cheese in minutes while allowing you to grill meats and vegetables right alongside each other.

Included are 8 raclette pans (great for making a full course meal!) made with nonstick coating so there’s no mess to clean up when it’s time for dessert. Great for anyone who wants their guests wanting more!

Imagine melting cheese and grill meat at the same time, this one is the Only device can help you make all your favorite foods. Guests will love this dual-purpose appliance on your tabletop!

The Dual Cheese Raclette lets you melt delicious Swiss or any other type of cheese in raclette pans, then cook up some luscious proteins to keep people’s appetites satisfied. 

Create a fancy grilled meat platter for everyone with specialized cooking plates able to heat different types of meats at once!

Grill potatoes, onions, mushrooms, squash– even garlic bread– all so crisp-tender they require only the slightest touch from a fork. Big parties are easy with plenty of room on the grilling surfaces for 8 portions.


  • It was fun to cook the food ahead of time and then just reheat it because cooking for 6 people in a confined space would have been difficult.
  • Easy to use and does not require any experience!
  • Perfect go-to fall and winter meal with friends.
  • This cheese slicer is easy to use, but not easy to clean.
  • This raclette table grill is perfect for cooking with a stone.


  • It’s a great grill but some more cooking accessories would be nice.
  • The heating element in The tray is too far away from the cheese to heat it well

#11 – GIVENEU Electric Fondue Pot Sets with BBQ Grill

The GIVENEU Electric Fondue Pot Sets with BBQ Grill, 1500W is perfect for family cookouts or gatherings where you want to prepare an eclectic feast.

The fondue pot has two adjustable thermostats that will allow you to maintain a specific temperature while grilling your favorite items on the table side grill. In no time at all, you’ll have the raclette grill table combo heated up and ready to serve delicious food all night long.

Work hard for hours preparing a fantastic feast only to have it cool off before guests can enjoy it? Keep your beautiful creations warm and melting in style with this 2-in-1 set! For years this set has been successfully used by professional banquet caterers and chefs around the world. The best part? It’s now available for you to have!

For the discerning cook who enjoys being able to prepare a variety of foods from appetizers to desserts, this grill kit is perfect. You can even flame broil filets mignons and tenderloins for an evening meal with your family or friends.

Your guests will be impressed by your culinary skills as they watch you prepare delicious Raclette grills steaks, potatoes and cheese tonight!

Get the entire kit to provide a professional-looking fondue experience for your next get together. This electric fondue pot set includes all of your accessories, while being easy to use and great quality.

Enjoy the durability that comes from this raclette combo at a reasonable price! So when discussing about best raclette grills, Givenue is an affordable price choice for you to try.

Key features

  • Dual Adjustable Thermostats let you adjust the heat for raclette and fondue separately.
  • This pot can be used to make cheese fondue from a variety of sauces.
  • There are 8 mini pans for raclette cheese, cooking sides, sauces and keeping food warm.
  • The raclette fondue combo has all the accessories you need for a Raclette Fondue party.
  • Taste Delicious Cheese Fondue is a pot of melted cheese or chocolate that you can use to dip things into.


  • This machine is a unique kitchen appliance that you may not need, but for dinner party events it can be used to cook different types of food.
  • A great BBQ Grill with two heating zones and many features for different grilling needs.
  • The Melting Pot’s Grill Ring is a new way to enjoy the restaurant experience at home.
  • This grill came with a variety of different features, including the ability to take off the chocolate bowl for use as an oven.

What Is Raclette Grilling?

Raclette grilling is a fun and versatile way for you to relax with your family or friends while making delicious meals. It was invented in the 18th century by the people of Switzerland.

While this style of cooking has long since spread across other countries, it remains very popular in its home country; it’s even the national dish!

Raclette involves placing slices of cheese onto piping hot surfaces, then scraping them off and serving them on top of toast or boiled potatoes along with vegetables like grilled onions and bell peppers.

There are many great recipes out there for raclette, but really you can make anything you want; it’s also fun to experiment with combinations that might not sound traditional, but will still be delicious!

Next you should know about all the available types of best raclette grills in the market so that you can make right decision what to buy.


Types of Raclette Grills

Raclette grills come in two main forms: electric and non-electric.

Electric Grills

For most people, an electric raclette grill is the best choice because it’s versatile, easy to use, and will save you time. Some models even include a small area for making omelets or cooking meats like steaks or chicken breasts.

Non-Electric/Manual Grills

Some raclette lovers prefer making their own meals with either a manual grill (one that requires charcoal) or another type of barbecue like a gas grill.

These models don’t offer some features like automatic heating elements, but they are still very fun to use; it gives you more freedom in terms of what you can make!


Buying guide – Factors to consider while choosing a raclette grill

Before you select your best raclette grills, there are a few different factors you should consider. We will discuss these factors in more detail below so that you can find the best option for your needs.

Top 4 general factors for quick check

Electric or manual?

As we mentioned above, electric grills are typically easier to use and offer greater versatility than non-electric models, but they do require access to an electrical outlet.

If you plan on cooking outside with your raclette grill or don’t want to deal with cords trailing across your kitchen floor, then a non-electric model might be better for you.

So when finding the best raclette grills, you need to double check what you need. An electric one or a manual one? Consider it carefully.

What size is right?

The size of the cooking surfaces usually varies between models; some have just one platter while others come with up to three! Generally speaking, bigger models will offer you more freedom in terms of what you can cook, but just make sure that they will fit in your space and on your budget.

How often do you plan on using it?

Some raclette grills are more suitable for occasional use, while others are made specifically to handle heavy traffic every single day. Think about how often you plan on cooking with your best raclette grills before making a purchase, because this may impact performance and durability over time.


The price of a model is one of the most important factors to consider when shopping around for a new raclette grill. Within our product reviews below, we discuss which models offer the best value for the money based upon their prices at this time of writing.

More details about good standards for you to find out the best raclette grills one

Construction material

For the most part, raclette grills are almost entirely made of stainless steel. While this is a very durable material that will hold up nicely over time, you might want to consider models with aluminum platters instead; they heat up faster and may offer superior cooking performance in general. 

When choosing to buy the best raclette grills, many people don’t pay much attention to the material. This is again one of the common reasons why they buy the wrong one.


When you’re cooking for a large party, it’s nice to have a model that can accommodate lots of food at once, but if you don’t need this extra space then there is no sense in paying for something you won’t use.

Make sure your model comes with the right size cooking surface(s) based upon how much food you will typically cook at one time.

Tray design

Since raclette grills are pretty simple in terms of what they do and how they function, most models have very similar designs when it comes to their trays.

However, some brands offer unique features like drip catchers or built-in cutting boards that may or may not be useful depending on your personal preferences needs.


This is completely up to you and your personal taste, but we feel that the standard vertical design of most best raclette grills is quite versatile and attractive.

If you want to add a little bit of flair to your kitchen then there are other options like models with longer platters or sculpted designs, but these tend to be less common than the typical model.

Heating Element

Most models have electric heating elements, which is typically the easiest way to go when cooking with a raclette grill. Electric grills are also more versatile and can be used for other things like paninis, so they’re a good investment if you plan on using your raclette grill often.

Raclette power and power supply

There are two main power options that you may encounter when shopping for a new raclette grill, including gas powered models and electric grills. Gas grills are typically easier to use and heat up faster, but they’re also more expensive to run, less versatile overall, and much larger than electric models.

Other things to consider include the location of the power switch (we prefer models with switches on top instead of front-mounted ones), cord length/storage space, durability of the heating element(s), etc…

Food Capacity

Most best raclette grills have a large amount of space, allowing you to cook several servings at once without any problems. However, if you don’t need as much space then there are models with smaller platters out there that may be more appropriate for your needs.


If something ever goes wrong with your new raclette grill, it’s nice to know that the company will fix it or replace it without any hassle on your part.

Some brands offer up to three years of coverage while others only go as far as one year, so we recommend looking into the details before making a purchase just in case.

Size and Dimensions

Most raclette grills are pretty compact, but this will largely depend on the size of your platters. As long as you have enough space to store it then there’s nothing to worry about in terms of its physical dimensions.

However, if you’re looking for something that is very easy to store away then some models may be too large for practical purposes.

Recommend Food Goes With A Raclette Grill

1. Cheese is a must-have for any raclette grill. If you’re not a fan of cheese then this may not be the best option for you, but most people love the taste and/or cooking process of using melted cheese for their meal.

2. Meat is also a great choice, especially if it’s going to be cooked on a grill beforehand since the grilling process adds a lot of flavor.

3. Vegetables can be grilled as well, so feel free to experiment with your raclette grill until you find something that works well!

4. Bread or potatoes are an excellent addition as long as they fit one of your platters, but keep in mind that some models have larger ones than others so you may not be able to serve everything at once.

FAQs about Best Raclette Grills

Is a raclette grill worth it?


Yes, it’s definitely worth the money if you plan on using it often. Not only are raclette grills incredibly versatile, they’re also easy to use and most models are very affordable as well.

What are the best kinds of cheese to use with a raclette grill?


Any kind of cheese is suitable for this type of cooking method, but some people may prefer Swiss or Gruyere since these two cheeses melt really well. However, the choice is ultimately yours!

How much is a raclette for 2 people?


It depends on the size of your platters, but you should expect to pay anywhere from $75-$200 for the average sized model. Be sure to check out our top picks if you want something that is more affordable!

What are the benefits of using a raclette grill?


There are tons of benefits surrounding this type of cooking method, including the fact that it doesn’t require any pots or pans on your end. You can also prepare several servings at once which makes cooking for friends and family easier than ever before.

Besides, choosing the best raclette grills that serves most of your demands will make you enjoy the self cooking more & more.

What comes with a raclette grill?


Most models come with everything you need to get started, including built-in switches, removable platters, etc… Some of them even have a Swiss Made label so they’re a safe choice if you want quality.

What types of cheese are recommended for raclette grill?


Gruyere and Swiss cheese are the best options since they melt very nicely, but this isn’t a firm requirement if you’re not a fan of those kinds. There’s no need to serve everything with Swiss or Gruyere as long as you understand how to cook other kinds properly!

What do you use a raclette for?


You can use a raclette for several different dishes such as cheese, meat, and vegetables. It’s very versatile since it makes it quick and easy to whip something up in no time at all!

How do you clean a raclette stone?


You should never use soap or anything abrasive to clean a raclette stone since this could damage the nonstick surface. Just wipe it down with a damp cloth and you’re good to go!

Please remember that, while purchasing you should know best raclette grills often comes with the pros that “easy to clean & assemble”.

What is the best size for a raclette grill?


Most models come in several different sizes so we recommend picking one that fits your needs perfectly. The most common size option is 8-inches, but some brands also offer larger ones up to 12-inches if you want even more options.

Can you cook steak on a raclette?


Yes, you can cook steak on a raclette grill! However, the process will be the same as cooking it in a pan so keep in mind that it may take longer than usual. If you’re grilling steak before then this isn’t an issue since it should only take minutes to cook. 

What meat goes with raclette?


You can do almost anything with a raclette grill! However, some meats work better than others because of how long they need to be grilled for.

Beef works really well since it only takes about five minutes per side depending on how thick your steak is. Pork or lamb can also be used if you want a combination of veggies that includes potatoes or bread.

What’s the difference between raclette and fondue?


There are several differences between raclette and fondue, including the fact that raclette is cooked with a little bit of butter which makes it taste slightly different.

Another major difference is in how the cheese is melted since it’s done in a special machine for fondue while raclette can be enjoyed straight from its container or tray.

What vegetables are good for raclette?


You can use almost any vegetable you want with a raclette grill, but some of the most common include broccoli, onions, and bell peppers. There’s plenty of room for creativity since there are no rules when it comes to cooking with a raclette so feel free to experiment! All of the best raclette grills I introduced above is easy to cook vegetables as you want.

How do you season a raclette stone?


You can season a raclette stone by applying a thin layer of oil on the surface and heating it up for a few minutes. After this, use a paper towel to wipe off any excess oil then let the stone cool down before putting it back into your grill.

How do you get rid of raclette smell?


Getting rid of raclette smell can be done by spraying a deodorizing cleaner on the area where the grill was used. Once you’re sure it’s clean, let it air dry and place some scented candles nearby to make your home smell nice and fresh again!

Final Verdict on Best Raclette Grills

The best raclette grills for you is the one that fits your needs and budget. We’ve reviewed 6 of the top models on the market to help get you started in making a decision. Whether grilling indoors or outdoors, we hope this guide has been helpful!

If not, please reach out; our team would be happy to provide more information about any other features and benefits each model might offer based off what kind of cooking style you prefer. Our number one pick is .

It offers high quality construction with removable cast iron plates for easy cleaning and an affordable price tag — it’s hard to find these two things together often! Still unsure?

Keep reading for reviews of all eleven models available today so that you could find out the best raclette grills that you & your family love the most.

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